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Middle sister of three girls, of wonderful parents, I graduated in Nutrition. Fate led me to get my Master’s degree in Experimental Nutrition and my Ph.D. in Molecular and Functional Biology. And what’s more, I studied Clinical Nutrition. It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Ana Cláudia! I’m married and my husband always tells me that when I met him I won the lottery and to make fun of him, I reply: “I won the smallest prize, just 1 real!” Yes, I’m from Brazil! I was born into a family, where women cook very well. During my childhood, we usually had wonderful, different dishes at our table; my mum has always loved cooking different meals. I have fond memories of my mornings, so, I remember Ofélia’s shows and the many design and cook books, which have always been present at my mom’s house. For sure, something good would certainly come out of all this! As far as cooking is concerned, I openly confess that I’m in Love with it. Having lots of decoration magazines and a dad who is a workaholic civil engineer have deeply influenced my older sister, who turned to the world of calculations and design when she became an architect. My younger sister has always been attracted by an entirely different world! She graduated in marketing and international business, but it is the world of makeup which really drives her crazy and, she frequently spends countless hours, tirelessly, trying to find the perfect foundation! As for my mum, she has a degree in visual arts education and, she has always been keen on doing things that are both elaborate and different. Our birthday celebrations and parties, in general, have always been highly praised by friends and family. Over the last few years, I have definitely found out what I really love doing and what truly interests me, the proof of which is that every time I go into a bookstore, I always leave it with a cookbook in my hands. Other daydreams are left to culinary shows and kitchen accessories, which have a victim in my husband who has to wait for hours and hours in bookstores, in the cookery, food and drinks sections, of course ... and, to add insult to injury, I convince him to carry all the things I buy on our trips, which I am sure are far from being light and sometimes it is left to friends, brothers-in-law, parents ... Well, it is in this context that I share with you some of my stories and adventures in the culinary world. At home, they joke that when I put on my apron I am transformed, I want to invent and cook numerous recipes... nothing holds me back! So, I sincerely hope that you’ll identify and enjoy the posts!

Bisous! Ana Cláudia 



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