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During my stay in London, I lived with a wonderful Polish family (a couple with three children, a nice boy and two lovely girls) who was very kind to me. Everybody was so nice to me that I felt like part of the family! I frequently did many things with them such as going shopping, going to pubs, going to street markets. I even travelled with them to York, a beautiful town in England! This period in London was a wonderful experience and you know that I love cooking, so every time that I was free I cooked for them and made many different dishes. I made cakes to eat in the afternoon with a comforting cup of tea, typically English! I made “feijoada” (a typical Brazilian dish) with all side dishes, salads, aubergine appetizer and so on... The Polish family had already been to Brazil and they appreciated dishes made with corn, aubergine, goiabada sweet and condensed milk pudding. But, can you believe that I couldn't find any glass pudding-baking pan with a hole in the middle in London? Fortunately, when my parents went to visit me, they brought one, so I gave them as a gift so that they could remember their Brazilian student. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to find our products in London, so I had no excuses not to cook Brazilian dishes! One night, it was really cold, so I made pasta with aubergine sauce. This is an easy recipe that I saw on a Brazilian show called “Mais Você”. The sauce is extremely tasty and nutritious. For an appetizer, I bought Camembert cheese and rolled it in an aluminum foil with fig jam (it is really good with apricot, orange or chilly jam as well). Then, I placed it into the oven only a few minutes, just to melt the cheese to eat with the bread that I had bought at Le Pain Cotidien. I confess that I’m really crazy about this place and I always have breakfast there when I travel. So, coming back to my story, for the main course I made penne with aubergine sauce and peach solado for dessert, which is one of my younger sister’s favourite desserts that she used to eat with double cream. Nowadays, she is lactose intolerant. So, to make her life tastier I always look for good recipes in which I can replace milk and dairy products! By the way, she likes everything that tastes like butter. But, I’m completely the opposite! So, she loves panna cotta and I hate it... Well, today’s recipe will be aubergine sauce, which is extremely easy to make!



               Total time:   45-50 minutes                            Serves: 5-7 people




- 3 medium aubergines, chopped into medium cubes

- 1 cup orange juice

- 2 tablespoons olive oil

- 5 cloves garlic, peeled and finely chopped

- 1 medium onion, peeled and chopped

- 1 cup dry red wine

- 1 drained canned tuna

- 2 canned peeled tomatoes

- 2 or 3 beef stock cubes

- 65 grams capers in brine, drained (washed to remove salt)




1.   Heat olive oil in a saucepan over a medium heat. Add garlic, onion and grill until softened;


2.   Then add tomatoes, orange juice, red wine, tuna, stock cubes, capers and aubergines;


3.   Cook until slightly thick. The aubergines have to be tender. The sauce will be full-bodied. But be very careful as it constantly splatters. Remember, wear an apron! If there is a little sauce, add more boiling water and bring to boil again, until it incorporates the flavours. And taste it to check if it needs a bit more salt.




1. Put the stock cubes into a little glass pot, add water and put in the microwave to dissolve it before adding the mixture;

2. Choosing aubergines: pay attention to make sure there are no little holes, because if so, there will certainly be a larva inside. Choose light aubergines, because when aubergines are old, they are heavier due to the weight of the seeds. So, you should choose light aubergines with a thin, smooth and shiny skin!

3. You can add chopped black olive to the sauce.

09 / 11 / 2015


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