11/ 04/ 2016



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My mother-in-law has taught me how to make an amazing baked kibbeh. This kibbeh is by far one of the best dishes I’ve ever tasted. My Lebanese brother-in-law loves this kibbeh and he always says that it’s better than it is in his own country! So, both sides of my family, the Brazilian and Lebanese take great delight in eating it. And you know what? My mother-in-law cooks this kind of food so well because she grew up in the Arab culture. Her mother was born on a ship, in the crossing between Lebanon and Brazil. Alright, so this kibbeh? It’s extremely moister and tender and I love eating it with baba ghanouj and hummus. This recipe is simple and easy, and it can be made in the previous day and baked only some minutes before serving it. It is so appreciated by friends, that when my mother-in-law makes it, she makes an extra portion and gives it to her friends! I’ve already been to some dinners where they served this baked kibbeh covered with a huge portion of labneh and a lot of golden onions over it. Or you can make little kibbeh baskets and fill them with hummus, baba ganouj, labneh or anything you want. That’s an amazing tip! Ah, this kibbeh is an incredibly delicious dish and the taste is far better than it looks, trust me!



               Total time: 3 hours                              Serves: 10-12 portions                    



- 250 grams burghul (cracked wheat)

- 550 grams minced beef (knuckle)

- 1 onion, chopped into cubes

- 1 tablespoon Syrian pepper

- 1 tablespoon salt

- 1 tablespoon butter

- ½ cup mint, chopped

- 2 cubes of ice


For filling:


- 300 grams minced beef (knuckle)

- 2 tablespoons olive oil

- 2 tablespoons butter

- 2 onions, chopped into cubes

- 1 tablespoon Syrian pepper

- 1 tablespoon salt

- 100 grams pine nuts or walnuts or almonds

- ½ cup mint, chopped



1. Rinse the burghul with hot water and leave for two hours. The burghul should be soft after that;


2. While the burghul is soaking, make the filling. In a pan, grill the onion with olive oil and butter over a medium heat;


3. Next, add minced beef and cook for a while. Then, put Syrian pepper and salt. Mix well;


4. Following, add pine nuts, mint and cook for a few minutes. Be careful not to overcook, when the meat loses the raw colour and, consequently, when you see some liquid in the bottom of pan, take it off the heat and leave to rest. You will notice that the liquid will disappear, because the meat will incorporate it;


5. Then, when the burghul is done, drain off any water excess. You can use a sieve or a cloth to squeeze;


6. Next, put the burghul into a bowl, put all ingredients and mix together with your hands until it becomes like dough. Divide the kibbeh into 2 portions and leave to rest for 30 minutes;


7. Preheat the oven to 180°C and grease a baking tin. Spread one portion of kibbeh to cover the bottom of the tin. Put some kibbeh on the sides, since it will prevent the filling from spreading before serving;


8. Mix well the minced beef and spread over the first layer of kibbeh;


9. Then, take the other portion of kibbeh and flatten with your hands. Place it over all the filling;


10. Dip the end of a sharp knife in water and cut the top layer of the kibbeh into small squares or diamond shapes, but without cutting the bottom layer;


11. Add some little pieces of butter over the top, preferably over the cut and leave to rest for 1 hour;


12. Then, bake for 28 minutes in a preheated oven to 180°C. Be careful not to overbake, because it will be dry and hard.


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