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08/ 28 / 2015


Jokes apart, a few months ago, we were pleasantly surprised by the news of my younger sister's pregnancy. The family was delighted! Her husband got the news in Germany and got tipsy while celebrating the fabulous news with his family in Berlin... Anyway, in all modesty, my sister gave birth to an absolutely BEAUTIFUL and healthy baby boy who was named Lucas.  My sister is so lucky that she got pregnant three months before we went on a trip to the USA and therefore, she came back with a complete baby’s trousseau! When she was pregnant, she had many cravings.  One of them was the “Barreado”. For those of you who have never seen or tasted it, it’s very similar to beef stew, and in Brazil, we call it “carne de panela”. It has a wonderful flavour and makes really tasteful stock! It’s worth mentioning that the Lebanese’s youngest son (The Lebanese is my older sister’s husband), whom I love very much and consider a legitimate nephew, is absolutely crazy about this dish which is among the most requested by the skinny lad (Top 10)! So much so, that he often texts me to make “barreado” for him with no embarrassment (hahaha!!!). And I immediately go shopping for the ingredients. Well, let’s get to the story of how I came across this dish! My parents have always been keen on the Brazilian southern beaches. And, on our way to these beaches, we passed by Morretes, in Parana state. Morretes is famous for the “barreado” and the ritual of preparing it. The meat takes hours to get cooked in a clay pan. But I have to confess that nowadays I prefer my own recipe. This dish is served with bananas, manioc flour and white rice. Sometimes it takes more than an hour in the pressure cooker on a low heat to become really tender. The taste is excellent because of the full-bodied sauce which becomes superb with a banana. Well, at least the guys here love it!





                 Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes                        Serves: 7-8 people




- 1 ½ kg top sirloin, medium cubes 

- 1 tablespoon olive oil

- 200 grams bacon, small cubes

- 1 carrot, peeled and medium pieces

- 2 large onions, peeled and cut into medium pieces

- 4 cloves garlic, peeled

- 6 fresh tomatoes, medium pieces

- 2 parsley packs (120 grams)

- 1 tablespoon salt

- 1 cup water



1. In the blender, beat carrot, onions, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, salt and water until you get a homogeneous mixture and reserve;


2. Cut bacon into small pieces and grill them in the pressure cooker over medium heat with olive oil until gold in colour;


3. Next, add the meat and grill a little bit. Then, add the blended mixture, close the pressure cooker and cook on low heat. You should always keep an eye on the pressure cooker because the meat is likely to stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. So, the meat has to be immersed in the mixture. Believe me, it has happened to me several times! After 30 minutes, shake the pan to make sure that the meat is in the juice and didn’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan. It takes about 1 hour or more on low heat for the meat to get ready if you use a pressure cooker;


4. Check the tenderness of the meat with a fork. If the meat falls apart easily it’s ready. Once it is cooked, you should use a spoon or a fork to shred it;


5. If there is a little sauce, add more boiling water and bring to boil again, until it incorporates the flavours. The meat should be involved in full-bodied sauce. And taste it to check if it needs a bit more salt. The best way to serve this dish is with bananas, rice and manioc flour. Enjoy!


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