11/ 11/ 2016



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My husband is a chocoholic and he loves brigadeiro. For those of you who have never seen or tasted it, brigadeiro comes in the shape of individual soft little balls, which are made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer. My husband says that he always gets absolutely furious when I buy or make different types of candies, which are not made with chocolate when I have a party. And that’s because he has in his heart the feeling that eating brigadeiro is like being in heaven! It has to be made with dark chocolate, of course! He always says: “Pay attention, brigadeiro is the first candy to disappear from the candy table”. He is right, but brigadeiro is always my last option in a party! In general, at parties, there is always a tension between us and it begins with the phrase: “Ana Cláudia, think carefully about what you’re gonna eat, because I’m not eating the other half of your candy!” Of course, I always take a bite. Hahaha! He only eats the remaining half of my candies, if they have chocolate. And, I beg him to eat! Anyway, today I’m gonna share a delicious and easy brigadeiro recipe. And, it’s a great excuse to use a good chocolate quality, which makes all the difference in the taste. No one deserves to eat brigadeiro covered with chocolate sprinkles that are extremely hard! I like to use 100% Belgian cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate sprinkles


              Total time: 2 hours                       Serves: 36 medium brigadeiros



- 1 can of condensed milk

- 1/2 double cream box (200 grams)

- 1 tablespoon unsalted butter

- 2 tablespoons 100% cocoa powder, sifted

- 1 teaspoon honey

- Semi sweet chocolate sprinkles



1. In a pan, melt the butter and add cocoa. Mix well and make a pasta;


2. Next, add condensed milk and honey over a medium heat. Mix until get a perfect consistency for the brigadeiro that should be firm enough to stay together. You should make circular movements and make sure you get the mixture from the sides of the pan. The brigadeiro will get thicker and thicker and will reduce the volume. Another thing, it will be ready when you can see the bottom of the pan for a few seconds when you pass the spoon. We say that this is the perfect brigadeiro consistency;


3. Then, add whole milk and mix well until get that brigadeiro consistency, again. If you prefer the brigadeiro softer, you should turn off the fire before it reaches that consistency;


4. Next, grease a plate with butter, put the brigadeiro and leave to cool. If the brigadeiro is softer put in the fridge before making balls;


5. Spread a little bit of butter in your hands and make little balls. Then, roll the balls on the chocolate sprinkles to cover them completely.



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