06/ 27/ 2016



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So far, June Parties is my favourite religious celebration. I love the traditional food, the songs, the typical clothes and, if it at the end, there is a “quadrilha” (a typical June Party dance), I’m in heaven! Always, my family organizes a June Party and invite friends and relatives. I remember when I was child that in May all school started rehears the “quadrilha”. I was really enthusiastic about the dancing, and everyone had their partner. But, on the day of the June Party, no one convinced me that I should dance. So, it began the nightmare of my mum because she had to hear all laments of my partner’s mother, not to mention that fall of my partner’s relatives gave her the stink eye. Poor little boy (hahaha!) Well, let’s forget my lack of fellowship! Today, I will share a different sandwich that is as tasty as pernil sandwich: the famous cabidela! I’m telling you this story because every time when I go to a June Party, I eat pernil sandwich with vinaigrette and cheese, but believe me, I get to eat two sandwiches! My mother-in-law gave this recipe to me. It’s always a success when it’s savored! Of course it’s a fantastic choice for other parties, like for a kid’s birthday party. The best point of this recipe is that it yields, so much so that my lunch for the following day is guaranteed!



               Total time: 5 hours                           Serves: 50 small sandwiches 



- 1 kg beef, chopped into small cubes (topside or knuckle)

- 300 grams smoked pork sausage, chopped into small cubes 

- 200 grams of bacon, chopped into small cubes

- 1 kg chicken breast, chopped into small cubes




- 1 kg tomatoes without peel and seeds

- ½ kg red paprika without seeds

- 1 large bunch of leek

- 2 medium onions, peeled and chopped

- ½ head of garlic

- 1 large bunch of parsley

- 1 large bunch of green onion

- Olive oil

- Salt (1 tablespoon)

- Pinch of sugar



1. Line the bottom of a large pan with bacon. Next put the cubes of beef, then the chicken and the smoked pork sausage.

1°layer: bacon

2°layer: beef

3°layer: chicken

4°layer: smoked pork sausage

5°layer: sauce and olive oil


2. For the sauce: in the blender, beat all ingredients until get a homogeneous mixture and putt over the meat;


3. Finally, drizzle with olive oil and simmer on medium heat. After 30 minutes, shake the pan and keep an eye on the pan because the meat is likely to stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. It takes about 4 hours on low heat for the meat to get ready or you can use a pressure cooker;


4. Check the tenderness of the meat with a fork. If the meat falls apart easily it’s ready. Once it is cooked, you should use a spoon or a fork to shred it;


5. If there is a little sauce, add more boiling water and bring to boil again, until it incorporates the flavours. The meat should be involved in a full-bodied sauce. And taste it to check if it needs a bit more salt. 


Notes: Buy some French bread or there is specific bread for Cabidela that has a hole in the middle and don’t need to cut with knife, just filled with meat!


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