10/ 03/ 2016



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Sometimes, it’s absolutely hard to find an easy and tasty recipe to be a side dish for a barbecue. Well, today I’m gonna share an amazing recipe, which has been present in our barbecues for a long time. One day, my mum saw this recipe in a magazine, and it was prepared in a rustic dinner. For those who don’t know my mum, she is a little woman who is totally crazy about buying magazines and she has a deep adoration for cooking and decorating magazines. For you to understand how much my mum loves magazines: she has bought magazines and had an credit in a newsstand since I was a kid and Josias, the owner, is living proof of this story! Well, let’s go back to the recipe, this dish becomes a tender and tasty manioc. I highly recommend it! In Brazil, there is a state called Campo Grande where the people usually love eating manioc in many ways. A part of my family lives there and, of course, this recipe was soon added to their menu!



             Total time: 1 hour                                  Serves: 6 people



- 1 kg manioc, peeled 

- 200 ml coconut milk

- 200 ml milk

- Salt

- 50 grams parmesan cheese, grated

- Butter




1. Put the manioc in a pressure pan and cover with water. Cook until it gets tender, about 35 minutes;


2. Grease butter in a baking dish and reserve;


3. When the manioc is ready, cut in the middle and remove the stem. Then, cut into strips. Place the pieces one beside the other;


4. Add some pieces of butter over the manioc;


5. Next, mix the coconut milk, milk and salt. Cover the manioc with this mixture;


6. Then, sprinkle parmesan cheese over it and bake in preheated oven to 180°C until is golden.


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