01/ 13/ 2017



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To increase my parents’food quality, especially my dad’s, a few months ago, he started taking a small morning and an afternoon snack to his work. I always bring some new ingredients for them to try and develop a healthy life. So, one day I bought quinoa, left it in their house and I told my mum: “You can make it. It’s gonna be good for you”. Do you know what happened? My smart mum added the raw quinoa to his fruit for him to take as a small snack. He ate the raw seeds for some weeks, but one day he opened his mouth and told my mum: “Ge, you don’t need to put this little seeds over the fruit because I didn’t like the taste so much, and moreover, these seeds stick to my teeth and it’s extremely hard to take them out”. Well, when my mum told me what had happened, we burst into laughter and, he had to listen: “You’re gonna eat it; you are picky eater!” So, the recipe for today will be cooked quinoa.  Generally, for breakfast I usually eat a bowl of cooked quinoa with cinnamon, some nuts, fruit and macadamia or almond milk, and the taste is absolutely amazing. You can say that it is a little caloric, but sometimes we deserve it! My taste for this quinoa mixture happened when I went to the famous Le pain cotidien in New York to have my breakfast. I became a big fan the moment I ate it! So, when I came back to Brazil I made it! Honestly, the taste was remarkably similar! Generally, I cook the whole package of quinoa, keep it in the fridge and I eat it little by little. I usually make a mix of nuts and seeds to eat together with the quinoa. The days when I don’t have cooked quinoa, I replace it by oatmeal and I eat it with the mix of nuts and seeds, macadamia milk, dried cocoa and honey or maple for a sweeter taste! 



                    Total time:   30 minutes                                            Serves: 1 person                                          




- 1/2 cup quinoa

- 1 cinnamon stick 



1. Wash the quinoa. Next, put the quinoa in a pan with the cinnamon stick, cover with water and cook until it’s tender. Maybe you need to put more water for the quinoa to get tender. Leave to cool in the fridge. This amount serves 5 quinoa bowls.



Quinoa Bowl


- 1/3 cup cooked quinoa 

- 2 tablespoon nuts and seeds mix (cashew nut, pecan nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and almond)

- 1/2 apple, chopped in cubes 

- 1 tablespoon raisins 

- 1 pinch dried cinnamon 

- 1 teaspoon maple syrup or honey

- macadamia or almond milk 



1. Then, when the quinoa cools down, put in a bowl with all ingredients. Now, you just need to enjoy the quinoa. I prefer eating cold, but on cold days I like to eat hot. It smells like sweet rice!


Tips: you can replace the apple by other fruit or mix of wild fruit. It can be according to the customer taste and preference! Hahaha!!


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