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03/ 09/ 2016


When I was child, my mum always made this seasoned beef for our birthdays and we called it “the birthday beef”. Kids and adults appreciate it so much! Marlene, my mum’s great friend, gave the recipe to us. The funny thing about this story was that she had never made it; she only ate it at her sister-in-law’s house in Presidente Prudente-SP, Brazil. One day, my mum invited Marlene for a lunch and made this beef. So, she ate the sandwich and, suddenly, told my mum: “Well Ge, this sandwich is delicious, how did you make this beef? Could you give me the recipe, please?” (hahaha! She is hilarious!). I have many memories of my childhood and one of them, definitely, was that my house was always full of people. My mum has always made some snacks for us to eat, like cakes, pies, bread and biscuits with great coffee and this is the main reason why her house has always been a "meeting point" for us, with a lot of laughs, kids running around the room and so many exchanges of recipes! Not so much these days anymore, but, specially during my childhood, these gatherings used to happen in the afternoon, when the husbands were working and the wives were looking after their kids! Certainly, this beef tastes like my childhood and, it brings a delicious taste of the past to my mind, from a time when I lived in the fantasy world with no worries and surrounded by innocence. I admire and thank my mom for everything she's taught me and also for the fact that she has always left her house open to everyone. Because of this, I keep fond memories from this time and from the different and wonderful things she has always cooked for friends and for us to eat. Of course, sometimes she made terrible things to eat, but this part we can forget! The other day, my mum ate this beef at Chiquita’s house, my mum’s friend, but Chiquita added different ingredients, such as chopped paprika and green olives. My mum loved the taste; it’s a good tip!



                Total time: 3 hours                                      Serves: 25 people



- 1 Kg beef eye round

- 4 garlic cloves

- 4 bay leaves

- 8 black pepper grains

- 1 tablespoon salt

- 6 fresh tomatoes, peeled and chopped in cubes, without seeds

- 5 large onions, peeled and chopped in slices

- 1 cup white vinegar

- Olive oil

- Salt




1. Place the whole beef in a pressure cooker, add garlic, bay leaves, black pepper, salt, cover it with water and let cook until tender (about 30 minutes);


2. Once cooked, put in the fridge to cool. Only when it cools down, cut into very thin slices;


3. Then, add olive oil in a pan and sauté onions until soft. Next, add tomatoes, salt and cook for a while. After that, put vinegar and cook for three minutes. Check the salt, finalize with more olive oil and reserve;


4. Place a layer of sauté onions and tomatoes in a pan, then place a layer of beef slices on top of the onions. Continue in this way, alternating the sauté onions with the beef. Finish drizzling everything with a generous portion of olive oil and let cool. Serve it with French bread or some bread of your preference.


 Note: The flavor gets more intense if you make it the day before serving. This recipe is great if you make some pesto capers, instead of onions, tomatoes and vinegar! It’s a smart choice to cut the beef in a bakery because they have a special machine that cuts meat into thin slices.


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