09/ 14/ 2016



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In other posts I have already told you guys that a friendship brings good things and one of them is that we can swap recipes! It’s true that sometimes we can’t understand some friends’ actions, but the best choice for those occasions is to ignore the delicate awkward situation and keep the friendship! Anyway, Marlene, a friend of our family, gave this bread recipe to us. She told us that she had learned it in a friend’s house when she was invited for a barbecue. And so, she learned this recipe very quickly. There is no mystery to making this bread and it is a great option to start a barbecue! In my opinion, it is similar to the reinvention of the popular bread with smoked pork sausage, which is very famous in barbecues in Brazil. But, it is much better than that, it is super crispy because the bread and the sausage are made together on a barbecue grill! Ah, I like to eat this combination with a creamy tasty sauce that my aunt Izenir taught me. The side of my family that comes from Mato Grosso loves it! Or you can eat it with a mixture of ketchup and curry; this combination is very appreciated by German people! I don’t know if I told you guys that it has been a long time since we first welcomed a German member into our family and it all started with my step-grandmother and, so far, we haven’t stopped adopting them(hahaha!). Let’s go to the recipe!



               Total time: 50 minutes                           Serves: 5 people



- 1 kg smoked pork sausage

- 5 French bread rolls




1. Remove the sausage casing. It means the skin that shapes the sausage. Then, put all this minced mixture in a bowl and mix with a fork. Reserve;


​2. Cut the bread in half, take off the breadcrumb and put the sausage mixture in each half bread with your hands. Tighten with your hands;


3. Place the bread into a barbecue grill basket because it is easier when you have to turn the bread. Put them over moderate heat on a grill;


4. Next, when it reaches a golden colour, turn the barbecue grill basket to roast the other side of the bread. Remove the grill basket and it’s ready to eat with squeezed lemon or garlic and basil sauce.






- 1 cup cold whole milk

- 1 cup oil

- 1 cup olive oil

- 1 garlic clove

- Salt

- Brunch of basil or other herb that you like




1. In the blender, beat milk and garlic;


2. Then, add slowly the vegetable oil and the olive oil. You can see that the mixture gets more consistent;


3. Put salt, basil and beat until you get a homogeneous mixture. Taste and check the salt. 


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