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12 / 13/ 2015


We used to go to these two places when we were children. I remember that we stayed in a hotel where Clodovil, the fashion designer, used to go with his little dogs! But, my best keepsakes, of course, were the food. When we went to Ubatuba-SP, we would eat pastel (like pastry) in a place where my parents made friends with the woman who sold it, an elderly lady that we affectionately called “the elderly grandmother of the pastel”. Another cherished memory was tapioca with fresh coconut and condensed milk. We usually ate this rich dessert on the beach in Cabo frio-RJ. This was my first contact with tapioca. I fell in love with it when I took the first bite! Because we became big fans of tapioca, my mum went after the recipe! Well, for those who don’t know my mother, she is a talkative little woman who makes friends easily! I remember when she picked us up at school at lunchtime; we had to wait a long time for her to talk with her friends, while our stomachs’ rumbled from hunger! The conversation was inevitable! Without a doubt, she became a good friend of the elderly lady in Ubatuba-SP. So, both talked a lot and my mum finished the holidays at the house of “the grandmother of the pastel”, where she taught my mum how to make tapioca. It was a simple house, but extremely welcoming! Since then, we have tried many recipes, but I have to confess, that some recipes that we tried resulted in a hard texture, completely different from the one we ate at the beach! To my delight, the other day, I saw a good tapioca recipe at Carla Pernambuco’s cooking show; she made it with water, instead of milk and it makes all the difference in terms of tenderness! So now, in my version, I mix coconut milk with water. There is no doubt that I’m crazy about tapioca. Every time my sisters and I bump into it, we cannot resist and buy it. But, sometimes it is not so tasty! So, in this case, my husband is the victim and has to eat it (hahaha!).



               Total time:  5 hours 30 minutes                       Serves: 10-12 slices



- 1 cup tapioca, granulated (190 grams)

- 2 cups fresh coconut

- 1 pinch of salt

- 200 ml coconut milk

- 120 grams sugar

- 500 ml bowling water

- 1 can condensed milk




1. In a pan, bring coconut milk, water, sugar and salt to boil;


2. Meanwhile, mix granulated tapioca with 1 cup of coconut in a bowl and reserve;


3. Grease butter in a loaf pan, put the mixture of tapioca and coconut into the pan and slowly add the boiling liquid;


4. Cover the pan with aluminum foil, wrap it with kitchen cloth and leave the tapioca to rest for 4 to 5 hours or overnight. The tapioca should increase in size and consistency;


5. Turn it out onto a dish, sprinkle fresh coconut on top and eat with condensed milk!



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